PEEL (Productive Education and Effective Leadership) Initiative is in partnership with Project Reform Team of the Carrington Youth Fellowship Initiative (CYFI) of the United States Consulate Lagos Nigeria for the reformative project at the Port Harcourt Remand Home.

The ‘Project Reform’ was founded by three (CYFI) fellows: Chinwe Egbuka, Ngozi Orji and Cynthia Onwuchuruba (the founder of PEEL Initiative).  The classes commenced on 17th November 2016. These classes includes

  • Mathematics and Career Development classes by Cynthia
  • Social Behavioural Changes (SBC) classes by Chinwe
  • Skill Acquisition Classes by Ngozi and her team

The classes run every week at the Port Harcourt Remand Home, Borikiri with the juveniles at the Home. There are a number of volunteers who assist in facilitating the sessions, teaching skills and coordinating the children in one way or the other in the Remand Home.

The children in the home have enjoyed five (6) classes in this year 2016. They have successfully learnt some mathematics topics like Numbers, Addition and Subtraction of whole numbers; SBC topics like Happiness, Love and Help, Respect and Honour; and skills like Ankara craft, event planning and decoration, shoe making and soap making.

The last class of the year was on December 22nd, 2016. The mathematics teacher, Miss Cynthia gave the kids maths examination to test, in which 75% of them did well out of with 55% got at least the average mark.

PEEL Initiative sponsored the books used for the learning of Mathematics and Career Development; Mathematics textbook and Academics without Tears.

More to come in the New Year, 2017.