PEEL embarked on a project in a 25-year old Community Secondary School (CSS) located in Abuloma Community Area of Port Harcourt, Rivers State.
This renowned school, which is a mixed school of both boys and girls, has over 2000 students annually and never had a single functional toilet facility neither a good source of drinking water. This left the students with no other alternative than using the bush, invariably exposing them to attacks from reptiles and miscreant youths making them vulnerable to rapes, sexual harassments and other forms of attack, as well as the health hazards.
Today, PEEL has successfully provided the school with functional toilet facility comprising four (4) toilets and a portable drinking water comprising of a borehole and a 3000-litre water tank.

Clean water and sanitation3Water and Sanitation 1Clean water and sanitation6Clean water and sanitation4Clean water and sanitation5Four toilets and borehole donation

Four toilets and borehole donation