On the 12th day of October 2016, PEEL Initiative paid a visit to the Abonnema Girls Secondary School (AGSS) Rivers State, a school with three(3) of the recipients of the academic and skill scholarship given out at the Future Africa Leaders Summit held on the 29th of January this year. The main purpose of this visit was to pay the fees of our PEEL Ambassadors (scholarship students) and deliver to them all the required academic books; textbooks and exercise books.

We paid the 2016/2017 session fees for Tonte Wille-Abiye and Rebecca Briggs, both of SS1 now. And also an outstanding 7,000 naira debt Rebecca Briggs owed from 2015/2016 session, which hindered her from even being admitted into SS1.

The third student, who is also a PEEL Skill scholarship recipient, Agnes Ogwa, received needed books though she is not on the academic scholarship, but requested for books because of her family’s inability to get them for her. The three(3) girls all got copies of ‘The Power of your Mind’ and have started a PEEL Club in their school where they are to use ‘The Power of your Mind’ to mentor other students.

So, apart from paying fees for the students, we brought something more than gold to the school.

Miss Cynthia Onwuchuruba ministered the gospel to over 500 girls and the school staff. She told them, briefly her story; from loosing her dad at 15, to almost not continuing school  and up to who she is now.

She made it clear that none would have been possible without her ‘seeking first the kingdom of God and His righteousness’.  She urged them to seek God’s kingdom and righteousness.

She spoke so passionately to them, and they got the message. “If Cynthia can do it, I can” is their new mantra. At the end of the day, about 200 students gave their hearts to Christ; teachers gave their heart to Christ as well. We distributed Rhapsody of Realities TEEVO to all the students and ‘The Power of your Mind’ to the principal (Mrs Amadi-Ndawe, Eugenia) and two (2) vice principals (Mr Pappah Kio and Mr William West) of the school.

By Friday 14th of October 2016, Rebecca Briggs (that was on a black gown on Wednesday) has resumed school. She collected the uniform of someone that graduated sometime ago and wore to school. She is full of smiles.

We were there today (Friday 14th) to give them their complete their books and ensure they are doing well.

Rebecca Briggs and Tonte Abiye display their school fees receipt

Rebecca Briggs and Tonte Abiye display their school fees receipt

Peel Ambassadors receive 'The Power of the mind' and TEEVO

Peel Ambassadors receive ‘The Power of the mind’ and TEEVO

The Talk with Abonnema Girls

The Talk with Abonnema Girls








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